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Way back in the early 90's, a customer enquired. Can Reckon Diagnostics provide a single test customized pack for a few rare testing parameters?

It became a challenge for us to provide a MONO™ test in a single vial which would maintain its specificity, linearity, reproducibility and adaptability - vial to vial, and batch after batch at large.

Having achieved this successfully, our customers were so pleased to find it low cost and it became economically viable to invest into doing more varied test parameters at their centers.

Since then we have come a long way, with our extensive product-mix manufactured at our facility, which are time tested and globally very well accepted. Products which are available from MONO™ test to liquid stable format adaptable to your environment. This is what customization.. "On Demand" means to Reckon Diagnostics and to customers we work with everyday.

We are committed to provide you, products and services that off¬er total quality with economy, reliability and your total satisfaction, test after test, kit after kit. We maintain all packing and logistics in such a way that the products reach you in its original and lasting condition.

Reckon Diagnostics’ flexibility and customer care is matched by our commitment to Quality. Flexibility, Quality, Customer Care - (Customization on Demand). That is what Reckon Diagnostics is all about. We thank our existing customers for their generous support and welcome new customers to experience the Reckon Diagnostics way.